Baby Boomer Music Trivia

Are you a Baby Boomer? How well do you know your music trivia? Take 10 questions chosen at random from our data bank and check your answers immediately. See how well you know your baby boomer music trivia.

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#1. What nationality was Gustav Holst?

His family came from Sweden but he was born in England.

#2. Who was the drummer with the Rolling Stones?

The Wembley Whammer

#3. Who sang the theme for the movie Midnight Cowboy?

Everybody’s Talking.

#4. Who wrote the opening line of The Ballad of Easy Rider?

Fonda also wanted Dylan to write the film’s theme song, but Dylan declined, quickly scribbling the lines – “The river flows, it flows to the sea/Wherever that river goes, that’s where I want to be/Flow, river, flow” – on to a napkin, before telling Fonda to “give this to McGuinn. He’ll know what to do with it.”[

#5. Who was The Pretender?

His first name is Clyde.

#6. Who sang Paperback Writer?

It had Rain on the B side.

#7. Who was the singer with Blondie?

Real name – Angela Trimble.

#8. Who made the original recording of the Beatles hit Money?

Written by the founder of Tamla Motown.

#9. Which group made their first record backing Tony Sheringham?

When they were based in Germany.

#10. Who walked with the ghost of Elvis in Memphis?

I put on my blue suede shoes …


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